Are there good carbs?

If you follow a low carb diet, you might wonder, are there carbs i can eat? Read this article to find out.

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Alternatives to bread

If you are avoiding bread for any reason, then this article has some great alternatives. I have personally made cauliflower pizza crust, and it is quite good.

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Eating before a workout

This article shows what types of food are best to eat before a workout, to get the maximum out of your workout.

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Low Carb? Want to eat out?

But think your limited in your choices for fast food? This article lists the large number of options you can eat!

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Changed my mind!

I’ll be posting an update this weekend which will include the following:
1. Fixed the bug in Grouped Items where the total count was wrong
2. Corrected the Daily Budget Calculator which was providing higher calories counts in some cases for men
3. Found a new vendor to provide UPC lookup data (Thank you Fat Secret!)
4. Re-worked the UPC lookup page to make it easier to use

After this, I’ll be re-woring the daily entry pages, especially the ability to copy from the previous day, which I use all the time and find a little cumbersome.

I may re-work some other UI pieces which are getting outdated.


Sorry to say this

After much thought and consideration, I’m going to have to pull the plug on this app. I no longer have the time to maintain it. I’m a single person trying to maintain/improve this and simply don’t have enough time.

For those who have been helped by this app, congratulations!

I believe if I stop selling it, the apps on your phone won’t be effected, but I’ll verify first before I do anything drastic.

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Not all fats are bad

Great article on the different types of fats and which ones help you to lose weight.

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Log-fat vs. low-carb: Which is best

This article tries to give the answer. The take away for both groups was to avoid processed/packaged food and opt for whole foods instead, such as real fruits and vegetables.

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Restricting Carbs for Weight Loss

This article attempts to answer how many carbs should you have if you want to lose weight.

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Can certain foods help you lose weight?

Read this article and find out which ones you should be including in your diet.

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