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Can you drink alcohol while following a Keto diet?

According to this article, yes you can. The trick is know how many carbs are in the drink you’re drinking. For example, while distilled drinks have 0 carbs, using sugary mixers can boost the carbs to your daily limit.

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The Noom Diet

Is the Noom diet right for you. Read this and find out more. I actually tried it, but was put off by the hefty subscription fees, and any diet that says nuts are bad for you, is not right for … Continue reading

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Issue with pre 4.2 devices and crashing

Apparently after adding printing support, the app no longer runs on pre 4.2 devices. I have a fix and am submitting to the app store today. I’m not sure how to speed it along, it normally takes 6-7 days once … Continue reading

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My motivation for creating Track It! stems from a long history of trying to lose weight and keep it off. Gaining weight is easy! Too easy! Yet losing it, keeping it off, and staying motivated are much much harder. I … Continue reading

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Here I hope to have tips, motivations, and answers to questions. For example, why did I not include a points calculator in the application. Answer – believe it or not, the formula is patented by Weight Watchers, which means I … Continue reading

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