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Intermittent Fasting

Thinking of trying this? This article has tips, and health benefits. I myself do a 10:14 intermittent fasting, meaning I stop eating at 8PM and resume eating at 10AM.

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Can you drink alcohol while following a Keto diet?

According to this article, yes you can. The trick is know how many carbs are in the drink you’re drinking. For example, while distilled drinks have 0 carbs, using sugary mixers can boost the carbs to your daily limit.

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The Noom Diet

Is the Noom diet right for you. Read this and find out more. I actually tried it, but was put off by the hefty subscription fees, and any diet that says nuts are bad for you, is not right for … Continue reading

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New version submitted

I have submitted a new version. Sorry it took so long, but this should fix issues on the iPhone and iPad for iOS 13.

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iOS 13 Issues

I have noticed on the iPhone that when adding a new meal or exercise from the home screen, or a new exercise from the exercise screen, that gray overlay appears and you can not enter in any information. If you … Continue reading

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Keto versus Paleo

A very good article on the differences between the two diets. I follow Paleo myself.

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6 Unhealthy foods to avoid!

This article details a list of 6 unhealthy foods to void.

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Restoring the site

After my hosting provider lost the site, I’m trying to get it set up on a new host, so bear with me, it’s not as easy I thought!

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Is a paleo diet right for you?

Read this article to see if a Paleo diet may be in your future. Full disclosure, I follow a Paleo diet, as it helps me control my Hashimito’s.

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How many ways are there to lose weight?

According to the article, there are 20. What the article does though is provide 20 different tips to help. The tips are all very helpful.

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