New Version!

Sorry if it appeared I stopped working on the app. I’ve had a few health issues this year and really couldn’t focus on working on this. I’m now determined to add in some new features as well as fix a bug that’s annoyed me forever!

I am going to integrate daily exercise and food into Apple’s Health App, and fix the one bug that annoys me to no end, in that the daily entry sometimes won’t update correctly if you change the servings or cost.

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Exercise’s role in losing weight

Is apparently not as large as one would think according to this article.

I wouldn’t stop exercising though, as it does provide other healthy benefits, such as a healthy heart.

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Low Fat versus Mediterranean Diet, who’s better?

One guess! Read the article here.

One note though, when they discuss vegetable oils in the article, simply think olive oil. Oils like Canola, etc, are not really healthy for you.

For myself, after having been told I have Hashimoto’s Disease, an auto immune disease of the thyroid, earlier this year, I’ve adopted the Paleo Diet, and absolutely love it! I’m symptom free, and hopefully after some healing, I’ll be able to lose weight again.

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Short answers to hard questions about weight loss

We all know losing weight and keeping it off is hard. Do we need yet another article telling us so?
This article at the New York Times does a little bit more than just tell us what we already know, the last paragraph is actually quite helpful.

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The benefits of salmon

Great article on the health benefits as fellas cooking techniques for salmon.

Also the NY Times has a quick and tasty recipe for roasted salmon.

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10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Can be found in this article.

Also if haven’t yet watched Fat Head, it’s available on Amazon or Hulu. There’s also a copy on YouTube with Korean subtitles. Fat Head is all about how we have been told what to eat is basically wrong, and fueling the obesity epidemic in this country.

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Why Diets Don’t Work

An interesting article with the author of a new book on why diets don’t work. I have my own theories such as you are making short term changes in behavior and revert back to your behavior when the weight is lost. You read the article here.

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Landscape Mode and the iPad

It appears for some reason, when your iPad is in landscape mode, tapping on any of the settings in the Settings window, makes the window go away.
For now, access Settings while the iPad is in portrait mode as a work around until I can fix this.

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Are commercial weight loss programs successful?

Read here and find out. Hint, they found only two were successful after 12 months.

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iPad Settings issue

Some people have been having an issue where when they tap the Settings button, nothing happens.
Good News! I have finally figured this out and have submitted a fixed version to the App Store for approval.

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