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Can certain foods help you lose weight?

Read this article and find out which ones you should be including in your diet.

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Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight?

Interesting article on drinking apple cider vinegar to help lose weight. If you do try this, usually a tablespoon in water sweetened with a touch of honey works. The best apple cider apple vinegar is organic and unfiltered.

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The Primal Diet, Different from Paleo?

You decide. Details of the diet are here. Personally I follow a personal Paleo diet, meaning it’s paleo, but occasionally I have rice or corn, however I am strictly gluten free for medical reasons.

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What’s the best diet?

According to this survey, the DASH and Mediterranean Diet top the list.

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Yo-Yo Diets

This article discusses how having regular coaching sessions can help keep the weight off after someone stops dieting. The point being missed, is that diets don’t work in the long run. Lifelong lifestyle changes are what works!

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Fermented Foods and Your Health

Fermented foods are great for helping to maintain good gut bacteria which in turn could help you lose weight, as well as being healthier. Read about them in this article.

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Exercise’s role in losing weight

Is apparently not as large as one would think according to this article. I wouldn’t stop exercising though, as it does provide other healthy benefits, such as a healthy heart.

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Low Fat versus Mediterranean Diet, who’s better?

One guess! Read the article here. One note though, when they discuss vegetable oils in the article, simply think olive oil. Oils like Canola, etc, are not really healthy for you. For myself, after having been told I have Hashimoto’s … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Can be found in this article. Also if haven’t yet watched Fat Head, it’s available on Amazon or Hulu. There’s also a copy on YouTube with Korean subtitles. Fat Head is all about how we have been told what to … Continue reading

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Why Diets Don’t Work

An interesting article with the author of a new book on why diets don’t work. I have my own theories such as you are making short term changes in behavior and revert back to your behavior when the weight is … Continue reading

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