Changed my mind!

I’ll be posting an update this weekend which will include the following:
1. Fixed the bug in Grouped Items where the total count was wrong
2. Corrected the Daily Budget Calculator which was providing higher calories counts in some cases for men
3. Found a new vendor to provide UPC lookup data (Thank you Fat Secret!)
4. Re-worked the UPC lookup page to make it easier to use

After this, I’ll be re-woring the daily entry pages, especially the ability to copy from the previous day, which I use all the time and find a little cumbersome.

I may re-work some other UI pieces which are getting outdated.

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2 Responses to Changed my mind!

  1. Mike D says:

    That’s great news! I use this app every day. There are a couple of bugs as well that may need swatted. I noticed that if I try to edit the points (previously manually entered) for an entry, sometimes (but not all the time), it’ll automatically revert to zero. So if I press cancel, the prior entry is zero’ed out.

    Also, the bonus points tallied/remaining isn’t always correct. This is particularly the case prior to midnight (up to an hour or so before), US West Coast time, when it’ll be way off, but then at midnight go back to being correct. There have been other times where by the end of the week, it’s off by a point either way, which is something I haven’t been able to pinpoint as to why (could be the entry of fractional amounts).

    Finally, it would be great if the screen sizing were native resolution on the iPhone 8 Plus, and not zoomed in.

  2. Mike D says:

    I’ll start focusing on whether I see the incorrect calculation bug before midnight every night, and will post any insights I find.

    One other thing I wouldn’t mind seeing — definitely minor — is a plus/minus indication for each day relative to the daily budget, on the weekly view. Right now it says, say, Budget Used – 38. Say my budget is 32 daily. I wouldn’t mind it showing 38 (-6). Maybe in red? And if I used 30, for example, it would show 30 (+2).

    Finally, for the weekly view, a total at the very end — Total points used X (+/-Y). Y would be relative to the daily budget times 7 days, plus the bonus amount.

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