Upgrading to version 3.0 (updated x2)

Some users are having issues with the 3.0 upgrade in that the app starts up and then about 30 seconds later shuts down. I will be submitting an emergency fix to the app store today.

One thing to try first, reboot your device. Then launch the app. The app doesn’t launch because it is taking too long to upgrade the database. How long it takes depends on what else your device may be doing. Restarting your device may speed things up.

Or if that doesn’t work and you can not wait a few days for the fix release, here are the instructions to send me your database so I can fix it:

1. Plug your device in to your computer and bring up iTunes
2. When you device appears in iTunes, click on your device and then click on apps to see the list of apps on your device.
3. At the bottom of that page is a section called ‘File Sharing’ and a list of apps
4. Scroll in the list until you see TrackIt, select it, and on the right hand side you will see a file called ‘TrackIt.sqlite’
5. Save that file and send it to me.

I’ll fix the file for you and you can put it back on your phone by dragging back into the same pane in iTunes.

Sorry about this folks.

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