Version 1.8.4

An astute user noticed that after he upgraded to iOS 5.0, his weekly bonus was negative. After investigating I found the very simple problem and have a fix. basically anything over 255 turns into a negative number. Annoying!

Also you can now use the swipe left or right to move between screens which include your list of food/exercise entries, including the home screen. No more trying to hit those pesky little arrow buttons!

I’ve updated the graphing software as well, and am testing that out today and tomorrow, and when happy, will upload the new version tomorrow.

One point, every time I upload a new version, I lose my place in search results which are based on ratings now. If you really like the app, just give it some stars so other users can find it too!

(No I didn’t do the food grouping yet as fixing the bug took precedence).

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3 Responses to Version 1.8.4

  1. Js says:

    I notice that the recommended points for Value Plus is less than for the WW points plus calculation. Can you explain which calculation is used for your tool? It seems as though your Values program is consistent with the old WW program.

    I love the functionality of your app, but I want to be following a WW program, and don’t want to be overeating because I’m misusing your program. Appreciate the clarification. Thanks.

  2. Jan says:

    How do I get bonus points? I have entered everything and the bonus continues to be zero. Do they come from activity? I am just getting started with the program and like it so far with the exception of understanding where some things, like bonus points, come from.

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