My motivation for creating Track It! stems from a long history of trying to lose weight and keep it off. Gaining weight is easy! Too easy! Yet losing it, keeping it off, and staying motivated are much much harder.

I started in my 20‘s, after moving out on my own and gaining considerable weight, with Herbal Life.  It was the typical liquid diet, shake for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner. It worked. Yea!

I started exercising a lot and managed to keep my weight down to a reasonable level.

I started weight lifting and gained a lot of muscle mass. That was cool because I got to eat more! But what happens when you stop lifting and still continue to east like you are. You gain weight!

So, on to Atkins. Enjoyed it for awhile, I’m a big meat eater. Lost some weight on it, but really missed my pasta (I’m half Italian).

So, on to books about nutrition, eating for you blood type, etc.

So after reaching 221lbs, and not too happy with myself, a neighbor said they wanted to go back to Weight Watchers and would I like to go?

I went, and the result, one year later, I was 46lbs lighter. I also learned something essential at Weight Watchers. I learned I don’t have to deprive myself, but every choice in eating has a consequence.

So what happened?

I moved, and the local Weight Watchers chapter was not as supportive as my previous one. At my previous Weight Watchers chapter, people attended the meeting and the Leader was engaging and encouraging.

I decided to simply follow the program on my own. Then simply stopped.

The result I gained half of the weight back.

Enter Track It!

One of the important points learned at Weight Watchers was keeping track of what you eat. Since my iPhone is everywhere I am, what better way to track what eat, when I eat and also know how much I’ve eaten to see if I really can have some more bread!

Since I finished development of Version 1.0 and using it for several weeks, I’m down over 5lbs and on my way to my goal!

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