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Version 1.1 submitted to app store

I noticed that sometimes when you were add and entry and hit cancel, the app could crash so I fixed that. Also I added in the ability to delete food list or activity list items, add more water or remove … Continue reading

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It’s available!

Finally, well only 9 days after submitting, the app is available! Finally because I worked for many many many months on this. I expect to continue to perfect it and make it better!

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Version 1.1

For version 1.1, besides fixing any obvious bugs, I plan on doing the following: Add some more information to the main screen as to how much of your budget is left, and how much of your bonus is left Allow … Continue reading

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How I use Track It!

I use the application to obviously track what I eat, what exercise I do, and how much liquid (water) I drink each day. In the morning when I go to work, since I have my breakfast, lunch and any snacks … Continue reading

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My motivation for creating Track It! stems from a long history of trying to lose weight and keep it off. Gaining weight is easy! Too easy! Yet losing it, keeping it off, and staying motivated are much much harder. I … Continue reading

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Here I hope to have tips, motivations, and answers to questions. For example, why did I not include a points calculator in the application. Answer – believe it or not, the formula is patented by Weight Watchers, which means I … Continue reading

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